This is just some thoughts I've had (I know right, Thinking is dangerous and all) that I wanted to push out onto the landscape that is, the internet.

I’ve made some pretty bad mistakes in my past, and I’ll “fess up” to them at any point.. not because I’m proud that I messed up at something but because acknowledging your faults, weaknesses and most importantly stupidity in the past has taught me to be a better human being. And you see, being a better human being, by bettering yourself from your own mistakes is a concept that most can’t even dream of.

So, by doing this, as my “new year’s resolution” – Whatever kind of meaningless dribble people throw up on their facebook walls, as if to tell the world that this year they’ll be different, this very year they’ll increase their own self esteem by sorting after other peers appreciation of their own divisiveness to change. When in the very, very sad reality people don’t change – You never really change, you can regret a decision and improve on that decision but your mistakes WILL “haunt” (as if to say your past and your previous decisions were a different beings choices, and not your own which you didn’t, for even a slight second think of the repercussions) you for the rest of your life.

As a person, if you kill or hurt another person – You may face the repercussions and realize you can’t do it again or you’ll face the same music, but your head is still not screwed on right, and you know deep down in your head that every second of your life is a methodical plan to commit another… of whatever it is you’re ashamed (or maybe just scared of showing society, or a loved one, or any number of people or entities) of.

I used to be a “hacker” but it was more than that, and it was because of a few stupid mistakes I made that I got caught and won’t ever be doing anything stupid, like that again. That’s not because I don’t still think in my head (which is currently the only place of privacy we have) of what I could be doing, or that the women in front of me at the line of the grocery store just entered her pincode as 3782 or that my friend who works for the government just left her emails logged on in her computer. It’s because of the fear that I don’t want to “face the music” as some may say, and anyone who isn’t scared of that then I’ll look up to as a hero, hence my reference to Edward Snowden earlier.

“People aren’t as evil as you may think, but temptation pushes most to the brink.”

You might be asking yourself (or perhaps in your head, you’re asking me) wtf the point of this article even is, and why I’ve so far, refused to even give you a title (Not referring to the meta title here) well it’s to do with the subtitle of my blog “politically pissed off” and it has even more to do with a YouTube video I found on the front page of Reddit today –

This clip, and my entire rant here is about one specific thing and it’s a phrase that I’m sure has been used millions of times.

The World doesn’t owe you anything, but you owe it the world – It’s a slight alteration to “the world doesn’t owe you anything” which according to Google has been brought up over 55,000,000 times across the indexed web.

Mr Feenie proves this point even more. When most of you have a device in your pocket that could break most security precautions on the internet in minutes (with the right “push” of course) yet you decide to use it to take photos of yourself to create a falsified image of yourself on some random social networking site. That shows how pathetic of a life you’ve gotten yourself ravelled up in.

This extends to more than just the average joe as well. Justin Bieber has over 48,000,000 twitter followers (granted a lot will be fake/bots) as of writing this. If he were to, for example: tweet a small pizza restaurants website… Within minutes it’d more than likely crash. For a kid who put a song on YouTube this one time, he holds an unbelievably large amount of power – With the help of the internet of course.

Yet he decides to tweet selfies and him downloading his own tracks of iTunes.

Then again, I’m a paradox of my own stance on hypocrisy –

I’m sitting on a i7 3.4 ghz CPU, 16gb ddr3 ram and a 4gb DDR5 Graphics card… Whilst using about a percent of the CPU’s power and typing into an open source CMS, on a site that pretty much no one reads.

My moral of this story, and the question I bet you were asking yourself earlier is then?

Spend your time wisely, and spend your time learning – Because for though it may seem like an eternity in hell, your life is almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


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