One Man CAN Change The World

After watching this amazing documentary about an Indian banker, I show you how one man can easily change the world - Or at least HIS world.
One Man Can Change The World
One Man CAN Change The World

No, I’m not talking about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Obama… I’m talking about an average (or sometimes even lesser) person – Which could be you, or me or your best friend… Hopefully you.

I watched an amazing documentary today about an Indian Bank Manager who helped a community that was made up of mostly poor people, and helped his bank at the same time by showing them how to properly finance themselves.

Banking On Change –

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Normally, banks are received as these evil, money making machines that leech of the back of a society, and are generally quite totalitarian with the poorer side of that society.

This shows how one man gave a LOT of people hope and as a truly inspirational moment, he gave them empowerment… Which most people who are classed as the poor (or mostly the “bottom”) of society never get given the chance to have.

This man didn’t change the world, but he did change a part of it… Hopefully with the documentary he then participated in, he also changed a number of other bank managers which can then help their opinions.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”


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