Monthly Traffic Report – January 2016

It's a new year and I'll be showing you exactly what I've been up to in January, as well as how I got over 10,000 visitors to my blog in one month.
Monthly Traffic Report

It’s a new year and this month has been a very interesting one for my blog, even if I have been ill for most of January, thanks to the rampant chest infections everyone seems to of finally gotten over now.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this months traffic report.


In December I took some time off my consulting and affiliate projects to write a ton of content for the blog, in the end I managed to get out 11 posts, which even amazed me by the end of the month.

That is also the reason why my traffic last month was rather inflated, as a new blog post every 3 days is NOT normal by any stretch of the imagination. This month however, I did manage to put out 5 blog posts – Which corresponds with my 2016 goals of putting out at least 5 posts per month, so at least I didn’t fail on the first month! #Winning

Here are the 5 posts I put out this month, in order of traffic:

  1. Silo Structure For SEO – I’d made a video presentation about 2 weeks prior to this blog post and it was rather successful but received a lot of feedback of people wanting me to show an example dummy site using this tactic, so I got to work and expanded the 7 minute video into a full blown blog post, which received a LOT of traffic.
  2. How To Do Keyword Research – Another post that was as a direct result of a piece of content I put out. I’d been featured (which I’ll talk about below) in a blog post by GotchSEO on keyword research, I got a lot of feedback from people wanting me to expand on it and so, I did.
  3. Entrepreneurial Depression – This post hit close to home with a lot of people and I had (literally) hundreds of people messaging me about how they could relate to the post. I thought it was something that needed addressing as it’s such a non-talked about subject in this vastly ego driven profession.
  4. Facebook Marketing Strategy – This post was a hyper detailed case study on how I managed to send over 14,500 visits to my blog in a matter of months using various tactics on the social platform. I highly suggest reading this if you haven’t utilized Facebook for traffic yet.
  5. December 2015 Traffic Report – And last but not least was last months traffic report, which proved to be rather interesting as I saw a 75% increase in pageviews in December and had one of my highest traffic blog posts ever released.

Here’s a full view of my most viewed pages for January –

most read content

I’ll be working on another post with similar size to the SAPE Guide, as the bigger a piece of content seems to be, the more traffic it seems to get from various places. Which makes for an interesting case study in itself.

Features –

I occasionally do interviews, podcasts and get my content featured by other IM’ers around the industry. Here’s the features I got in January:

  • Keyword Research – GotchSEO did a round-up with several very well known SEOs including myself on keyword research. As I said earlier, this post lead me to expand and do my own take on the subject.
  • 2016 Predictions – Brock Murray got in touch to ask my take on what I thought would happen in the SEO industry in 2016 as well as had 7 other, very well known SEOs reply too.

I was also featured in various other blog posts throughout January, including a who to follow post.

Traffic & Stats

December’s traffic was inflated due to the amount of content I was pumping out. However I did see a 67% increase in organic traffic compared to last month, that’s pretty awesome considering I do no offpage work and purely concentrate on my OnPage and content.

A Traffic Overview –

analytics jan 2016

Visitors: 10,197 (from 16,088 -36% Decrease)

Unique Visitors: 5,452 (from 8,127 -32% Decrease)

Pageviews: 17,716 (from 33,156 -46% Decrease)

Unsurprisingly there’s decreases across the board. Once I get into a routine amount of content it should show continual growth, and as new pieces of content, new links etc.. Get added to the site then organic traffic continues to rise as well, as it has done this month.

Top Traffic Sources –

traffic sources jan 2016

Facebook is still the traffic king, with organic growing again and GodOfSEO referring more and more visits due to it also getting an increase in organic traffic in January, though I do think I could funnel traffic to this blog better from that site.

Social Presence –

Every month I detail my social growth across all the platforms I use.

  • Facebook Page: 4,450 Likes (4,293 Last Month)
  • Facebook Group: 6,590 Members (5,947 Members Last Month)
  • Twitter: 3,241 Followers (3,180 Last Month)
  • YouTube: 820 Subscribers (692 Last Month)
  • Google+: 1,549 Followers & 153,613 Views (1,523 & 152,677 Last Month)
  • Instagram: 1,142 Followers (922 Last Month)

(All as of 1st of February, 2016)

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed this months traffic report, and it gave you a bit of an insight into how I get traffic to my blog. Don’t forget to drop a comment below with your traffic generation tips.


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