The Best SEO Vendors of 2018

In my latest edition of my best SEO Vendors post.. I'll be reviewing the very best providers of services on the market, from link building to site building.

2022 Update: Check out my new recommendations on link building services here.

One of my most popular posts from last year was my Best SEO Vendors post. Last year I asked you guys to submit your votes for who you thought was the best SEO vendor.. Though I’ve done the same this year, I’ll also be using my own opinion on this one, as I’ve recently been buying a whole heap more of services than I was last year.

There’s no affiliate links in this post.. I don’t need you telling me I’m bias. I won’t include them in the below list, but I do own a service – DFY Links. We do custom link building campaigns with a $300 minimum spend.

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Best PBN Services

The Link Service (Formerly Known as Diggity Links)

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With the most votes out of any service, and with one of the oldest reputations to boot.. Diggity Links transitioned this year away from Matt’s hands, though with the same support team in place. Though I don’t personally use Matt’s service anymore, it’s stood the test of time and continues to innovate through Google’s updates and changes.

Freedom Links

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Nicholas and Ryan have done an incredible job over the past 12 months. Their entirely aged, auction domain PBN is one of the strongest on the planet, and I personally use the links that power tens of my websites.

ArchSEO Relentless Network

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Samuel’s another long time PBN player and he’s continually expanded his network. The one time fee, cheap pricing is great and I use these on my Tier 2 (At Outreach Links) all day long.

Domains Highway

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Offering both monthly and one time fee PBN Rentals, you can choose to go direct to your site or grab a bunch of links to power up your Tier 2. Great support and great turn around time from Noman at Domains Highway.

Best Outreach Services

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Gareth Simpson’s agency level outreach service has been flooded with orders this year. The quality that the Bristol based agency bring to small or large campaigns is incredible, and the pricing is definitely up the correct alley for any aspiring SEO business.


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Dan Parker has become a well known face in the community and his ever expanding Love To Link service has built a solid customer base due to quick turn around, great pricing and quality sites.

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Though SERPNinja is not actually an outreach service, per se.. It’s a content editing service that’ll find relevant pages and make small edits to them to link back to your site. It’s got great pricing though and a fantastic support team, with good turn arounds.

Best Content Services

SEO Content Hero

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A new comer on the site, SEO Content Hero had a lot of people voting for ’em.. I haven’t personally yet used Joe’s service, but he has offered me a coupon I need to get around to using.

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Once again the Bristol based service comes up. The writing department they have created is not only fantastic at creating engaging content, but is also trained in keyword research and OnPage optimization – This is fantastic as money pages can be keyword researched and created for you, with internal linking and everything.

The Content Center

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I have used Jedediah’s service before it had a name, and I’ll always stand by his consistency to deliver on time and of a high quality. It’s hard to find a writing service that doesn’t depreciate over time, but Jedediah has that under control.

Best Citations Services

Citations Builder

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When I got my first report back from Citations Builder, I was shocked by the sheer value inside. They not only do custom research of your current citations and competitors citations but also find citations you’re missing from your own niche. Robert has done a fantastic job with this one, one of the best services I have ever seen put together in SEO, for the price. 

SEO Butler

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One of the oldest names in the game, and another service that has never depreciated in quality over time.. SEO Butler is synonymous with citations, and it’d be a sin to not include them in a round-up such as this.

Best Domain Services

TB Solutions

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With over a thousand domains in the marketplace, very quick domain transfer times and great support.. TB Solutions has always been a fantastic service after I’ve used them for 2 years now.

Dominating PBNs

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Though they are definitely on the higher end of the pricing model, Dominating PBNs has got a great inventory covering tons of niches and always deliver top quality and brandable domains – I use these domains for money sites, not PBNs.

SERP Champion

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Patrick’s auction domain service is one of a very few that offers exclusively aged domains. No dropped domains here, but great for PBNs or money sites. 

Best Site Building Services

SERP Seeds (Money Sites)

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Sumit & Yeshua have got one of the best services on the market. Not only do they use the powerful domains you get from DominatingPBNs, but they also build our super fast and very well designed sites with high level content. The pricing is slightly high, but you pay for what you get.

Costa PBN (PBN Sites)

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Fast turn arounds, fantastic support and very well setup PBNs. You can’t go wrong using Costa to build out your network, and they’re soon to be adding money site builds too – I’ve got a test one, and it’s one of the best money sites I’ve ever had built.

PBN Fox (PBN Sites)

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You may have to apply to use the service but once in, Nemanja is a pro at PBNs and has been in the game for a long time. The sites & content are all of a high quality and they’ll be diverse enough to beat most manual reviewers.

SERP Champion (Money Sites)

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The pricing on these is among the cheapest you’ll find for larger content sites, though the design & site speed doesn’t cut it compared to SERP Seeds, it is about half the price.

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it took me a while to put it altogether and collate the hundreds of votes you guys submitted.

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