Monthly Traffic Report – November 2015

Check out what I've been up to in November, how much traffic the blog received and how I've achieved the growth.
Monthly Traffic Report
Monthly Traffic Report – November 2015

A very popular series on the God of SEO Blog was my Income Reports, though I feel as I move into a more mature environment with this blog that showcasing your income every month isn’t all that useful. However, I do still think detailing your blogging efforts and marketing efforts every month is helpful, especially to those who have just started out in internet marketing and/or blogging. So, my Monthly Traffic Report is born.

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As I only started back blogging in the last few weeks, I’ll be detailing this report from Oct. 28th (when my first post since I’ve been back went live) to November 30th. I’ll normally only be doing from the first until the last day of each month, but this month will be the only exception to that rule.


I aimed to put out some really high quality stuff in November, and I think I achieved that.. Especially with the amount of engagement my posts were getting when I released them.

Here’s the posts I put out this month, in order of traffic:

  1. Black Friday Internet Marketing Sales & Discounts – Even though it only pushed 2 comments, this post got more traffic than my homepage did. I saw it getting shared in every Facebook & Skype group I was a member of.
  2. Growing Your Traffic with Reddit – I asked about in my Facebook Group if anyone would be interested in a post about generating traffic from Reddit. 3 days later and it had over 200 likes, 100 comments and I was getting PMs everyday from people asking when the guide would be out. No wonder the post hit over 2,600 pageviews in November.
  3. When You Create Value First, People Pay Attention – I’d been skimming through Hacker News when I came across a blog post from a startup that sparked my imagination and my head was full of possibilities, so I pressed that windows key (*cough* SEO & Mac shouldn’t go together *cough*) and opened up Word. I’m glad I did, as it turned out to be the 3rd most read post this month.
  4. Trying to Game Reddit as a Marketer – As a followup to my Reddit marketing strategy, I was contacted by a marketer for one of the biggest brands on the internet. He wanted to ghost write a post about how he’d managed to pull over 7,000 visitors to his website in one day by gaming reddit.
  5. How I Grew My Traffic from Reddit by Over 210% in 2 Weeks – This post elaborated on a technique that I’d been using to gain more traffic from Twitter by abusing the reply functionality. I released this post on the last day of November, and it did over 1,100 pageviews in a single day.

Here’s a full view of my most viewed pages in November –

Most Viewed Content Nov 2015
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Features –

I occasionally do interviews, podcasts and get my content featured by other IM’ers around the industry. Here’s the features I got in November:

  • SEO Profits Podcast – Gabriel invited me onto his show to talk about the SEO industry and how I am moving forward and changing the approach of my business. It’s a 45 minute podcast, and I recommend you check out his other episodes, which include Mark Luckenbaugh, Ryan Stewart and James Norquay.
  • The Times – I did an interview with one of the oldest and biggest newspapers in the UK in which I gave my insight into the mind of a young hacker. The Times is a subscription model, so I put the full interview here for free as well. I also did a similar interview with BBC News and Channel 5 News.

Traffic & Stats

In November, I mainly focused on getting content out and re-branding everything under this new blog. I didn’t spend too much time on marketing the content I’d put out, but December will be when the traffic steps up a gear, even though it’s the holiday periods.

A Traffic Overview –

Traffic November 2015
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Visitors: 9,341

Unique Visitors: 6,033

Pageviews: 20,441

I will admit, I was expecting there to be a lot less traffic than this in my first month back, but it’s seen some pretty good numbers. Comparing this period to the last and it grows over 2,200% in visitors.

Top Traffic Sources –

Traffic Sources Nov 2015

As I predominantly market myself using Facebook, it’s no wonder that’s where most of the traffic is coming from. Notably though, my organic traffic has grown by over 300% as compared to October and submitting a few of my posts to Reddit and Hacker News has also bolstered some visits. It’s surprisingly hard to get marketing related traffic from Reddit though, most of the bigger subreddits are text only and have very tight submission rules.

As I move GoS into an archived state, I’ll also likely be getting a lot more traffic from there. So I’ll make sure to keep an eye on that for the next traffic report.

Social Presence –

In every month proceeding this post, I’ll be showcasing the growth of my social presence, but for this month I have no data to compare it to the last. So I’ll just be detailing my social following for the end of November and in December I can then show the growth (or decline) per platform.

(All as of 30th of November, 2015)

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed this months traffic report, don’t forget to signup to my newsletter here and if you’d like to see anything else in the next months report, drop a comment below.


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