Email Processing HomeBiz Review – A WFH Scam

In this review, I take a look at the promises vs the reality of the course Email Processing HomeBiz and see if it's actually just a pyramid scheme.

Some scams annoy me more than others, and this product falls into one of those categories.

Email Processing HomeBiz promises to teach people how to get a business writing emails for up to $25 a pop! Unfortunately, it’s marketed at stay-at-home parents and people who tend to not be able to leave the house to work, which makes their marketing to a potentially vulnerable audience.

That being said, it’s $25 for the course and the system CAN make you money, it’s just not anywhere near what the sales page claims.

It’s also becoming a more redundant industry by the day with the introduction of automation and machine learning.

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What Is Email Processing

Email processing is a form of email marketing, which means sending out emails to a list of customers and potential customers who have opted-in to receive that type of communication from your company.

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When you sign up for an email processing program, you’re agreeing to send out emails on behalf of the company in exchange for a payment. You may also be asked to share links within those emails and earn commissions when someone clicks through one of those links and makes a purchase or performs some other action.

What Is Email Processing HomeBiz?

In a nutshell, Email Processing HomeBiz is a work-from-home job that involves using the power of email to make money.

A screenshot I took of the email processing homebiz homepage.
The Email Processing HomeBiz Homepage

You create your own business and market it online through the email platform. This can be done by promoting other people’s products and services or by selling your own—which is where the pyramid aspect comes into play.

What’s Inside?

You’ll get access to the emails, videos and workbook. This is a PDF version of the course that you can download onto your computer or use as an eBook on your phone or tablet.

The bonus material consists of guides on how to build a profitable business at home, how to grow your list and more. There’s also an eBook called “Email Processing Business In 7 Days”.

You also get access to their Facebook group where you can share ideas with people who are trying out this business model themselves. You can ask questions here too if something’s not clear enough for you. The forum is another place where people discuss different aspects of the system in detail so it’s very useful for getting answers quickly without having to wait for days before someone replies back through email support (which will happen if there’s no one else online asking similar questions).

You also get access to their email processing system which allows users to submit leads via email addresses found online (using software), and verify them automatically using databases provided by them (which they claim are legitimate) before sending out follow-up emails based on specific criteria set by users such as age range etc…

Can You Make Money With Email Processing?

Here’s the thing: email processing is not just a business. It’s a legitimate industry with real, paying jobs.

If you’re thinking about signing up for email processing work and wondering whether or not it’s worth your time, let me be clear: yes, it is! The good news is that you can make money with email processing without ever having to leave your home!

The best part? You can make more than what you would at a regular job. In fact, some people are making over six figures working in this field (yes—you read that right). And they’ve been able to do it all from their own home office or bedroom.


The course has got a simple one-time fee membership cost of $25.

PayPal Suspension

Unfortunately, the company had PayPal and many other payment gateways suspended out of operation.

Which is not a good sign for a business looking to teach other people how to go about earning money.

Is Email Processing HomeBiz A Scam?

It’s hard to call it a direct scam because you do get access to training for a fairly low price.

That being said, the sales page is far too misleading for it NOT to be primarily based on being a pyramid scheme for the owners and not a legitimate community for the email processor profession.

Inconsistent Signups

Whilst the homepage continually says that membership is closed, certain affiliates and people promoting the course have links that allow anyone to purchase at any time.

There are also various counters on the site that don’t align with each other, meaning they’re just trying to trick you into believing there is scarcity when it’s all fake.

Email Processing HomeBiz FAQs

Is Email Processing HomeBiz Legit?

No, it’s not legit as the marketing is not accurate and the industry is slowly eroding.

What Is The Definition of Email Processing?

Email processing is defined as the discipline of sending, receiving, and processing emails for a company.

Email Processing HomeBiz Reviews

In this review, I take a look at the promises vs the reality of the course Email Processing HomeBiz and see if it’s actually just a pyramid scheme.

Charles Floate

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As an overview, the course and training are out-of-date and are positioned in an industry that has been slowly dying for many years.

I wouldn’t recommend wasting your $25 on his one, there are much better courses out there for copywriting or cold emailing that would actually allow you to build a real home business.



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