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I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered up with Todd Foster, my old friend, business partner and mentor to invest in We will be joining the team alongside its main shareholder Chris Riley and our new business partner, Jason Hunt.

What Is Cuppa?

Cuppa is an AI-based SEO suite that offers scalable content generation in 33 languages with built-in optimization tools and various other features that set us apart from the rest of the market and will soon take us to be the only AI content tool you’ll ever need.

I have had a lot of opportunities to invest in various AI tools and services in the SEO industry recently… This opportunity felt very different though, and I’ll explain why I went with Cuppa and why I think you should signup too, and coincidentally, we have a Black Friday offer that is running right now which (in my opinion) beats every other player in the market on value.

Why You Should Use Our Tool

Firstly, almost every tool on the market right now is running on OpenAI’s models but up charging you for the “privilege” to use them within their suite… I’m not a fan of this, and that is why Cuppa is BYOK, “Bring Your Own Keys”, which allows you to put in your API key and create as much content as you want at the standard market rate, which means you should be able to generate over 1,000 words using the latest GPT4 model with our custom prompt chain and optimization layering for under 10 cents a pop.

We’ll also be adding support for various other models as they become more prominent in the market, and you’ll soon be able to use your own custom GPT within Cuppa to deploy an embedded model that creates content trained on your own niche or data.

The content is generated via a custom prompt sequencing that is also run against our vector database to make sure we remove fluff, filler content, repetition, errors and improve the output to a far higher quality level of content than the industry standard – This will only continue to improve with time as our team is now actively running variable testing and R&D to see how we can continually improve these outputs to the most recent understanding of the current Google algorithms.

Secondly, we give you a power editor or bulk editor, providing you with all the features of Frase & Surfer, but for a fraction of the cost – $400 for a year of power user (unlocks all features) with the Black Friday deal, which finishes at the end of the month.

And finally, to top things off, we have the first ever AI marketplace for SEO, which allows you to take your projects directly from the tool and have them professionally edited, graphically altered, turned into video or a variety of other services by hand picked providers.

This isn’t all we have planned either! There are plenty of new features we have already in beta, lined up to be created by the dev team or in ideation to see what they are like in real world environments. There are so many opportunities, especially with the rapid and emerging advancements that are coming into AI every week; I think we’re primed to take the top position with the team, capital and experience we have now put together.

If you aren’t already a customer, I hope this post has convinced you to give us a go! I really think you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get started with our tools, and how much of an ROI you can make utilizing affordable AI content and not overpriced, price gauged tools that are trying to exploit the industry’s naivety to the new future.

I’ll be releasing my own training and case studies on how to best use Cuppa in the coming weeks and months, but as with all new tools, I recommend just getting stuck in with a fresh domain that doesn’t really matter!

I look forward to finally getting to work on my own SEO tool suite, I’ve worked in this industry for too long without ever having something that I can be proud to promote.


OpenAI made a lot of announcements recently, including a new 128k content window, which means we will soon be able to make our outputs even more niche relevant using more researched based inputs for our prompt and sequencing chains.

And for those who are interested in promoting us, we offer 50% commissions with a 30-day cookie, which, again, beats everybody else in the industry and could be your most profitable new offer going into 2024!


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