I put my Parasite SEO eBook out this week, and several people asked me for a basic introduction to what parasite SEO actually is.

So, without further ado… Let’s get into it.

Exploiting Google’s Trust in Big Websites

Google favours big websites like Amazon, YouTube etc.. because they have pre-existing authority. This means you’ll be able to exploit that trust and authority to pound a page with links, or simply add a large amount of content and go after big keywords hi-jacking the authority from the site, rather than having to build it on your own site.

A Parasite Can Take The Spam

Due to you being able to take authority from a big website, most big sites are used to having large volumes of links incoming all the time.. So adding a few thousand links to a normal money site would likely deindex it, but with a parasite.. The only way is up.

You can also get away with certain tactics that normally would get a page banned… Things like keyword stuffing, over-optimization and spam link building would normally result in drops, but on a parasite.. The only way is up.

My Parasite Presentation

Though this presentation is a year old, it still holds some very relevant info for you, and is a good watch if you’re wanting to learn more about it –

My eBook

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As I said at the start of the post, I released an eBook that’s done very well and seems to be picking up quite a bit of traction within the SEO communities.

If you want to have a set out plan to build and rank parasites, as well as the best parasites for 2016.. Then check it out.

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