IndexMeNow Review

In this review, I'll be taking a look at what is in my opinion, the BEST indexing tool on the market: IndexMeNow.

If you want to get pages, new domains and backlinks indexed quickly? Then there’s only one tool on the market that has an almost guaranteed rate of working.

Whilst most in the industry are struggling with indexing problems, IndexMeNow has allowed those in the know to get anything they want to be crawled, indexed and starting to generate traffic within 48 hours.

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My Video Review

This review was in video form first, you can watch it here –

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What Is IndexMeNow?

IndexMeNow is a premium indexing tool that allows you to get new pages or links indexed at a fraction of the time you’d be waiting for Google to naturally index them.

An Example of The IndexMeNow Dashboard – Submitted Links

The service uses three different, advanced indexing methodologies that’ll guarantee your page gets indexed or your credit is fully refunded.

Who Is Stephane Madaleno?

The creator of IndexMeNow is a French SEO named Stephan Madaleno (@StephaneMadaleno) with an abundance of experience in both the SEO industry and developing tools.

He has also created tools such as IsIndexed, DataCenter SEO and SEO Hero Ninja.

Do You Need An Indexing Tool?

It depends.

Do you want to get new domains and pages indexed faster? Do you need to get thousands, tens of thousands or even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of URLs indexed? Do you want to speed up the time your backlinks take to take effect?

Then yes! And you’re in luck because IndexMeNow is the best tool for it on the market.

IndexMeNow Success Rate

I put out a video review on IndexMeNow before I put out this written one.

I had half a dozen people reply, with varying degrees of their own success rates

Comments From My Video Review

But the average is still FAR superior to every other tool on the market, most of which are struggling to get anywhere near a 50% rate.

I’ve personally seen average success rates of >90% across almost all of the campaigns I have run through the tool and it has not slowed down like other tools have.


Yes: It’s expensive.

The Credit Packages Available

In comparison to most other indexing tools on the market, IndexMeNow is a lot more expensive than most.

However, this is offset by the fact that most other competitors don’t give you a refund if the index fails AND don’t have multiple indexing methods to throw at the link before it fails.

If you want a cheaper solution (That comes with a lower success rate) then check out my review on Omega Indexer instead.

Extension & Plugin

Unlike every other tool in the SEO industry, IndexMeNow has a Chrome extension that allows you to submit pages from within your browser and will soon be releasing a WordPress plugin.

Check out the extension on the Chrome Store here.

IndexMeNow FAQs

Why Do I Need To Use An Indexing Service?

You might not need to, but there are many cases where using one can be extremely beneficial.

Such as: New domains struggling to get indexed, new backlinks you can’t submit yourself via Google Search Console or a variety of other reasons.

How Do I Track If My Links Are Submitted?

IndexMeNow has a built-in index checker that will tell you if and when Google indexed your link which is using the API.

Does IndexMeNow Build Backlinks To Get My Links Indexed?

No. They use 3 separate indexing methods, but none of them includes building any links to your sites or backlinks.

Does IndexMeNow Have An API?

Yes, and it’s very easy to use.

Just hook it into whatever tool you want it to, and let it get to submitting pages automatically.

How Much Does IndexMeNow Cost?

It works on a credit system, which starts at $49 for a pack of 60 credits which works out to be about 82c per page.

IndexMeNow Review

In this review, I take a look at the premium indexing tool IndexMeNow and how fast it can get links indexed – And at what success rate.

Charles Floate

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IndexMeNow is the best indexing tool on the market, and whilst its credits are expensive they have a full refund system in place if the tool wasn’t successful in indexing your links which makes it a no-brainer to test out.



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