Note: This is an old post (from 2014) on Glen Alsopp of ViperChill fame. He has since gone on to succeed even more.

Jesse Nickles of College Times wrote a post in November last year, and a few people have brought it to my attention since I started promoting Marketing Inc 2.0, by Glen.

I decided to reply to this post, in detail..

My Reply:

If anyone’s going to be criticizing Becker, it’s probably going to be me.

Take a look at these 2 categories on my blog:

And you’ll see Becker products, and products he’s promoted being wiped out the game by my factual reviews.

It’s probably not wise to call people like Glen out, but I’ve called out just about everyone in SEO/IM, except those that are actually good at it.

Before I get into Glen, you cannot really talk about promoting bad products when you have an interview with Wyatt on your site – Which promotes his CloudPBN Product, which is a black hat product.. and also a very bad black hat product, which resulted in multiple people having their PBNs deindexed (Check my review – which you linked to in your own interview.. Which wasn’t criticism, it was FACT. I even managed to reset Glen’s CloudPBN password, TWICE.)

Now, for Glen.. I’ve been a fan of Glen for a long time, he’s one of the very first bloggers I started following, along with Matt Woodward and Marketing Inc and Marketing Inc 2.0 do offer great info, a good community and if followed & used correctly will build a sustainable long term, from home business.

He didn’t really trash talk Rand, Rand says Black Hat is short term.. Yet when I proved him wrong – He didn’t even reply, when I emailed him the link, his reply was “5 years isn’t long term” – Are you insane? 5 years in Internet/Computing time = 2.5x faster processors… And has beaten every Google Animal update ever released.

I hate censorship, I’m an advocate against it.. I do NOT agree with his decision to remove comments, and will say to Glen: That is a stupid move, and when I first saw it, I called him out on it myself..

He didn’t partner with Becker, he was purely an affiliate on behalf of him.. Which I didn’t like. If he wanted to promote a product, he could of promoted an actually good Black Hat SEO product. BlackHat.Community, a BH Product I founded has grown to over 800 paying monthly members in under a year.. We offer an affiliate program, he decided not to join or promote it.

Source Phoenix launched and was closed by December….. I’ve seen 0 people or case studies from people who have bought the product seeing ANY benefit, and Becker has already launched 2 new products in the time since he closed it.

Becker isn’t a churn and burn SEO, he can’t even do SEO successfully himself, he’s just a churn and burn product maker.

Glen on the other hand, messed up here.. He promoted a bad product and he’ll have to live with that. It was stupid.

Still, Glen’s own product (Marketing Inc 2.0) is good, and I promoted it myself. His SEO skills are good, and I’ve personally seen him rank multiple sites.

I can’t speak for his PBN Service, I haven’t used it or seen it. Though my own PBN Services have never resulted in ANY deindexation, and are publicly available..

Overall, I agree it was stupid and greedy for him to promote Becker’s product, but I wouldn’t say his reputation & skillset is destroyed because of it.. It simply isn’t. I still think he should take his promotion of it down, and replace it with a page about how genuinely sh*t Becker is.