Welcome to my site! In here, you will find everything about the man behind The God of SEO blog in 2009 and the person running one of the most successful link building agencies in the world. Click on the buttons below to check out his achievements so far in the SEO industry – his current work, upcoming projects, and more!


Charles Floate first garnered attention from his controversial The God of SEO blog. He published posts and guides that came from his experience of successfully ranking sites in organic search. He created multiple, large black hat SEO case studies that shook the industry and showed the world how much a young talent could do.

He turned his focus on growing his affiliate sites and working under his SEO A.I. Agency that offers e-commerce SEO services to businesses in English languages.

Charles has since published close to 500 blog posts across the SEO industry and provided help to tens of thousands of freelancers and businesses across the globe.


Optimize your website to make it rank higher on Google search for your target keywords.

Link Building

Build contextually relevant backlinks to your site from authoritative and high-traffic websites.

Site Audits

Analyze your website for on-page factors and check for issues that you can improve and fix.

Technical SEO

Ensure that search spiders crawl the best pages of your site and index them without problems.


Book yourself a consultation now

Learn the E-Commerce SEO game

Grow your the best link building.

Book yourself a consultation now

Learn the E-Commerce SEO game

Grow your the best link building.


Local Kingdom brings the strengths of two of the world’s most renowned SEOs (Charles & Edward Rostron) to teach you how to build, optimize, rank & grow a local lead generation empire from scratch.

Charles puts out an affordable alternative to the HUGE hundred and even thousand dollar courses on the market in the form of a 100 page A to B eBook of creating SEO based digital assets.

Private Blog Networks are one of the most debated topics in the SEO industry. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and this 12 module course takes you through building PBNs that are both safe & strong.


The Blueprint SEO Training™ vs Agency Builder

The June, 2019 Core Algo Update

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