Every month I read a lot of articles, I’ll try and add the very best to this page every day I go on a content binge. Hopefully it’ll help you guys keep up-to-date with the kind of content I’m reading, and you can easily follow it too.

This page will be in order of newest first, and will be dated, rarely will a description be given to the articles, normally it’ll just be the title of the post. I’ll also include a “Tip of the Day” in which I jot down advice inspired by my binge.

This page will ONLY be updated when I read a lot, some weeks/months I read very little, others I read a LOT.

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31st of August, 2016

15th of June, 2016

18th of May, 2016

13th of May, 2016

I’ve decided to stop doing the tip of the day, you check out my SEOQ&A Series here instead.

25th of February, 2016

[well]Tip of the Day: Track everything, data is the most reliable source of improving your rank.[/well]

15th of February, 2016

[well]Tip of the Day: Markup is more important than ever, and there are plenty ways to manipulate it right now.[/well]

5th of January, 2016

[well]Tip of the Day: Get prepared for a continual rolling penguin update NOW. Disavow, monitor, create etc.. Ready for the release[/well]

3rd of January, 2016

[well]Tip of the Day: Scaling outreach works really well. Scaling any kind of white hat works really well.[/well]

19th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: Be an aggressive marketer or get left behind.. Being timid and passive doesn’t get you anywhere.[/well]

18th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: Even though Google release patents for what they deem as the reasoning behind[/well]

17th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: CRO is a major part of doing SEO.[/well]

16th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: Don’t underestimate the power of OnPage, especially once you’ve done a solid link building campaign, it can be that little (or big) nudge your site needs.[/well]

15th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: Email isn’t dead, make your emails funny and personal and you’ll get a lot higher responses.[/well]

14th of December, 2015

[well]Tip of the Day: If you’re in a niche, and are reading content in that niche, then drop a comment.. The nofollow links will soon add up and provide long term SEO & traffic benefits.[/well]

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