This is just a little mini-series on my blog about PBN Footprints. As we try to actively better my PBN service, we thought we’d do some write-ups every week on improvements people could make.

There is a little talked about PBN footprint that no link seller will tell you about.

The simple reason for this is because if they did, nobody would buy their links out of fear…

You’re right to be afraid, but ultimately every PBN link you’ve ever purchased probably has this footprint. Unless you’ve been hit every time you’ve bought a PBN (which if you have, wow) then you should know that this footprint isn’t judgement day for your site.

This footprint is pervasive because of buyers, rather than sellers…

So what’s the footprint I hear you asking?

Link Neighborhoods…

Let’s say John Doe wants to buy 5 links from your PBN for one site, and 5 links for another site.

The one thing you’ll never ask him is ‘have you built any PBN links to these sites previously?’

It’s just not a question that gets asked… Period.

Well let’s just say that John Doe has built links to these sites from his own (small) network.

The odds are that he’s linked to both of these sites from the same domains.

JOHNDOESPBN1.COM > Links to money site 1 & 2.

JOHNDOESPBN2.COM > Links to money site 1 & 2.

JOHNDOESPBN3.COM > Links to money site 1 & 2.

Now John wants some links from you, and you’re about to build these to his site from a few different domains on your network. That’s all good, right?

Next week you take an order from Tom Doe (not a family member, just a coincidence).

He’s got a slightly bigger PBN than John, additionally he’s purchased links from other sellers before since he has a bigger budget. He orders 20 links from you for one website.

You deliver the links, so he comes back for more after some SERP movement and orders 10 links for another site of his.

The problem is that Tom has ordered links from shitty providers before who pretend to have a huge network of sites, when in reality he received links from every site in their small network in order to fulfill his order.

Your PBNs link neighborhood is now indicating that you’re linking to sites from your domains that recurrently appear to have links from the same domains.

What are the odds?

Pretty slim, but it happens naturally right.


Your sites are also linking to John’s domains which also have links that recur on the same kinds of domains.

After a while, this starts to snowball and you’re starting to leave a pretty giant footprint…

25 orders taken, 150 links built and 75% of these have a recurring link neighborhood.

It can get messy really quickly, and it’s the number one nuisance footprint you can’t avoid unless you’re either not selling links or you’re being selective about who can buy them.

Currently we’re completely re-building our network to avoid this common footprint by only linking out to a max of 5 domains per site, as well as being selective about who can buy our links.

Sure they’re going to be more expensive, but the plus side is these are going to be the most natural looking PBN links you could ever buy.

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