With the proliferation of social media everywhere we turn, there is also an increase in the ways to generate an income from using it. Tumblr is no different. It’s a blogging service that incorporates a lot of the other social media features such as sharing and liking. It allows you to re-share and creates a network for sharing and posting content of any kind. This lets you post almost any type of multimedia including blogs, pictures, links, info graphics, and videos. Since Tumblr does not tolerate any form of spam, you will need to ensure you use this platform wisely when trying to create a strong revenue stream.

How to Make Money With Tumblr

Tumblr is essentially a blogging service, but with added flexibility in what can be posted, combining the benefits of other social media outlets into one and therefore enabling diverse functionality. Like many other social media sites, you can share and repost as well as react to things. This creates a network in which you can spread and share your content, no matter what format. Tumblr is by far the most popular blogging service, where users post and share short blog posts that typically include multimedia, such as images, music, and videos. Memes are an example of current trends in tumblogging.

Reblogging is a huge part of Tumblr, and a great way to increase your network when trying to create revenue. This means that when you post something, it will hopefully reach a wider audience through a lot of reposts. This draws in a larger audience outside of your current followers.

Tagging is another way to do this. By tagging posts with various searchable topics, you help define the content of your Tumblr account. By ensuring that others can search you based on tags, you make yourself easier to find and share, making networking easier. The more traffic you are able to get, the more you will potentially be able to monetize this traffic, and the more income you should see.

Stick to the Basics

Tumblr is meant to be simple, direct, and easy. Not complicated. It is designed for convenient posting and sharing, and is an appropriate channel to be more creative with what you post. Try using different types of media channels and formats, including photos, audio, and video. Ensure you keep it simple though, don’t overdo it with complicated, extensive posts. You want your readers to be able to – and want to – quickly and conveniently access your content.

Since sharing and spreading is the name of the game, you will want to foster growth on your Tumblr and take care of it. You will want to make sure you post regularly, consistently, and respond to those following you. You want to make sure you keep doing what works and avoid what doesn’t. If you start using a lot of infographics and your following shows a lot of interest through reactions and shares, you will want to keep these up. If you are seeing a drop in traffic and engagement after introducing videos, you may want to consider using different types of media to draw in and keep traffic. Ultimately, your page will only thrive if you stay active and provide content and engagement.

Get Automated

The fact of the matter is, you probably don’t have a lot of time to manage all of these accounts. Despite wanting to talk about the various pages you set up – for food, sports, and snowboarding – you will not be able to draw a lot of traffic without posting a lot. The most basic way to gain followers is to go around and follow people who will then follow you back. But it’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to go out and follow a bunch of Tumblr accounts and wait for people to follow you back. You can do this, and this will spread your Tumblr around and hopefully result in more follows. However, you can also have a bot do this for you. TumblrJazz is a great bot for this purpose.

Using a bot, you’ll want to create a schedule of posts so that your account will automatically run and generate traffic without you needing to actively engage. Downloading a system like Queue+ will help you with that, as it lets you schedule a bunch of posts easily. Schedule a load of posts, and it will run itself for the month. This way you don’t need to actively ensure you post all the time, and your Tumblr will generate traffic itself.

Engage and Share

The entire point of social media is connecting and networking.  From a business perspective, platforms like Tumblr are best used to connect with your potential customers. Engaging with your followers lets you create a relationship, form trust, and build loyalty. Building authentic connections and paying attention to your customer base will ensure people follow you and treat you as a reliable source. Engaging and sharing are the best and simplest ways to ensure you connect with your followers.

It is important to ensure you post things that help your customers engage with you. You can ask them to like and share things, or even offer prizes for doing so. The more people repost and share your content, the more potential traffic you can get. The key here is not to just let this run its course though. You need to engage with the people who are actively engaging with your page. If you have people leaving comments and asking questions, you want to ensure you not only keep them, but make them trust you and your Tumblr so they come back for more. Responding to comments and answering questions is a direct way to do this. You show your following that you care about what they have to say and genuinely want to help.

Drive Traffic, Optimize, Monetize

One of the important ways to maximize your Tumblr page’s effectiveness and revenue generation is to optimize your Tubmlr for SEO. If you can use keywords effectively, you will ensure that your posts and reshares all end up being searched frequently. This will result in more traffic because you are more likely to be clicked.

Always thinking about SEO while creating your content is a good way to make sure that your blog drives and draws traffic where you want it. From here, your creativity and engagement will result in visitors staying on the page, engage with your content, and share your posts. Having meaningful and active followers is beneficial as their shares and activity will help you draw in even more customers without needing to do anything but manage your Tumblr and guarantee that you are actively posting.

Once you’re driving the right traffic and drawing in followers, you want to be able to monetize this traffic and create revenue. There are a few ways to do this, including running advertisements, selling ad space, and running Amazon Affiliate sites. Another way to monetize the traffic to your Tumblr page is to include ads on the page.

This can be done by using Google AdSense or other alternatives like Media.net or Infolinks. If your Tumblr blog is already popular and widely used, you can also try to integrate ads by selling ad space on your Tumblr. This is entirely controlled by you, but you will need to be able to code the ad into your Tumblr theme to make this happen. If that’s something you can do, you can sell ad space on your page to whoever you want, targetting related markets and products.

Amazon Affiliate pages are another innovative way to do this. If anyone uses your link to make a purchase you get a commission on anything they buy in the next 90 days through Amazon. All you need to do is build an Amazon website and link your website on the multitude of Tumblr posts you have. This will drive a bunch of traffic to your website, which is built to monetize traffic. Although you don’t want to overdo this, regularly linking to products will help you convert followers to money in your pocket. Keep in mind though if you don’t add regular posts and content for users, and instead swarm them with ads and product links, you will most likely drive away a lot of the traffic you’ve gained.

Other Revenue Generation

Using Tumblr to drive traffic and amass a customer base is a great way to ensure revenue generation. However, there are other ways of creating revenue using Tumblr as well. First, you can make money by designing themes for Tumblr and selling them through the Tumblr Theme Page or Themeforest. If this works, you may even want to consider starting a service where you design custom Tumblr themes. Either way, designing and creating themes for Tumblr is an interesting way to make money using the site and will help you potentially grow a network on the side.

You can also enlist your services as a Tumblr expert, helping others set up, create, and manage their pages. If you know what you’re doing and have honed your skills, using those to provide a service is a means of creating revenue. Plenty of people and businesses are looking to maximize their social media efforts, and Tumblr is a great way to do that if done properly. By offering your services to help create and manage Tumblr pages for others, you can create revenue on a job with little responsibility. People are looking for these exact services through Fiverr.

Can You Make Money On Tumblr?

Yes! You can make money on Tumblr in a variety of ways, as long as you can create a following. If you can get enough traffic to your page it will potentially be worth investing in, since you could make a decent sum of cash through introducing advertising to the blog or making an Amazon Affiliate page. If you target the proper audiences with your ads, you can make a substantial amount by directing your traffic to make purchases.

You can also sell ad space on your Tumblr if you have enough followers. The important thing is to get good, steady, reliable traffic to your website by creating real, useful, and optimized content that will produce results when searched. By creating good content you will ensure your readers come back, and once you produce solid traffic on your site, monetizing will follow.

If you want to find out more about how to make money on Tumblr, you can take Paul Tilley’s course on 8 Simple Steps to Automating Tumblr For Profit or Ricardo Soto’s course on Tumblr Marketing: How to Blog, Generate Traffic and Profits. These are both run through udemy, which provides a variety of courses in a range of subjects, including business, IT & Software, Design, Marketing, Photography, Language, and many more.

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